“Aušra SPA” is located in an unusual place – in the business park of the same name which started operating a few years ago and is located almost in the city centre, next to the main bus station of the temporary capital, in the restored buildings of the historic Kaunas printing house.

In February 2020, in an unrecognisably renewed Vytautas Avenue, an exclusive pool and sauna space opened its doors to Kaunas residents in the “Aušra” business park. In almost 850 sq. m. space on the first floor of the business park “Aušra”, the water and sauna area is designed for Kaunas residents who appreciate a healthy lifestyle and active recreation.
Thanks to the innovative “AFM” filtration system, extremely low chlorine content is used in the water zone. In filtration systems it is replaced by the active properties of glass and quartz, thus avoiding unpleasant odours and adverse effects on sensitive skin.