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In times full of global anxiety, we understand more and more clearly how good it is sometimes to stop for a moment, to think, to look at ourselves, to delve into the real needs of our body and spirit. We feel how important it is to discover special places in your environment that help you regain inner peace, recover your physical strength and recharge.

A Himalayan salt and infrared relaxation room awaits you in the spa area. Studies show that the negative ions in the air inhaled by Himalayan salt stimulate the release of serotonin (the “happiness hormone”) in the body. Increased levels of serotonin can improve mood, reduce stress, stimulate digestion and increase energy levels throughout the day. The light emitted by Himalayan salt crystals promotes relaxation of the body, rests the eyes from the blue light emitted by smart devices. Infrared heat accelerates the body’s regenerative processes, strengthens the body’s immunity, and relaxes.

Massage as a source of well-being and health has been known since ancient times. Massage relaxes and soothes, gives strength and helps you feel better, relieves muscle, joint, and headache pain, improves blood circulation and digestion, removes leg swelling, corrects posture, and relieves sleep disorders.

In the spa area, a unique and modern dry water jet massage bed – relaxes muscles, reduces chronic pain, improves blood and lymph circulation, improves metabolism in tissues, improves muscle activity, stimulates the release and circulation of joint fluid, increases mobility of joints and spine, reduces stress and fatigue , improves well-being.

Also, dynamic deep massage – pleasantly relaxes and stimulates muscles that cannot be reached by manual massage, heat therapy – stimulates the body’s metabolism, allows you to enjoy the process. StimaWELL is suitable when you have pain, swelling, stinging, stretching of the neck and back muscles; you have a sedentary job and don’t move much; you wake up in the morning with a stiff and sore back or neck; headaches provoked by neck muscle tension, back muscle weakness or muscle tension are tiring.

Take care of your physical and emotional well-being.


Purchase a gift voucher online!


Purchase a gift voucher online!


Purchase a gift voucher online!

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