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Visiting here is just a little moment of time for yourself, a little reminder, a kind of help button – when it just makes you lie down, listen to music, stare at nowhere and think about nothing. And you wake up a little different…

Dermatological services, aesthetic and devices procedures, massages, body and face treatments, romantic spa rituals for two.

The mission is to nurture your body, mind and soul and teach you how to do it at home. We offer a series of services that rejuvenate your body and calm your mind. The spa house invites you to relax, renew and restore your strength.

The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, positive and correct thinking. The individual attention of our specialists to each client will help overcome stress in everyday life. Holistic therapies are combined with traditional methods. They activate your body’s healing powers and help restore balance on its own.

More about the services here: SPA house


Purchase a gift voucher online!


Purchase a gift voucher online!


Purchase a gift voucher online!

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